Nepal Cricket Squad Revealed for T20I Tri-Series

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Cricket isn’t just a game in Nepal; it symbolizes our unity and national spirit. The Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has worked tirelessly to nurture the sport’s growth nationwide. And guess what? We’ve got some thrilling news making rounds lately!

Nepal Cricket Squad 

Rohit Paudel, who’s donned the captain’s hat for the national T20I squad, leads the charge for Nepal’s cricketing dreams. With his knack for leadership and cricketing skills, Paudel is the perfect man for the job. And let’s remember the power-packed team he’s leading! We’ve got the likes of Rashid Khan, Sagar Dhakal, and Anil Sah, seasoned players who bring depth and experience to the team. Talk about a winning combination!

Nepal Squad: Aasif Sheikh, Kushal Bhurtel, Rohit Paudel (c), Kushal Malla, DS Airee, Anil Sah, Sundeep Jora, Binod Bhandari, Bibek Yadav, Aarif Sheikh, Rashid Khan, Pratish GC, Gulshan Jha, Sompal Kami, Karan KC, Lalit Rajbanshi, Sagar Dhakal, Abinash Bohara

T20I Triangular Series Fixture

T20I Tringular Series
27 February, 2024Nepal vs. NamibiaTU internation Cricket Ground11:30 (GMT+5:45)
28 February, 2024Nepal vs. NetherlandsTU internation Cricket Ground11:30 (GMT+5:45)
29 February, 2024Namibia vs. NetherlandsTU internation Cricket Ground11:30 (GMT+5:45)
1 March, 2024Nepal vs. NamibiaTU internation Cricket Ground11:30 (GMT+5:45)
2 March, 2024Nepal vs. NetherlandsTU internation Cricket Ground11:30 (GMT+5:45)
3 March, 2024Namibia vs. NetherlandsTU internation Cricket Ground11:30 (GMT+5:45)
5 March, 2024FinalTU internation Cricket Ground11:30 (GMT+5:45)

The Buzz Beyond the Triangular Showdown

But hold your breath, folks, because the excitement doesn’t stop there! Nepal’s cricket journey takes us on a rollercoaster ride to Hong Kong for the Quadrangular T20I series, starting March 6. It’s yet another chance for our cricketers to shine globally. And after we’re done with Hong Kong, where are we headed next? Yep, you guessed it right – India! Brace yourselves for some thrilling T20 showdowns against tough opponents from Baroda and Gujarat starting March 31, 2024.

From the heart of Nepal to the international cricket arenas, our players are gearing up to make us proud. So, let’s rally behind them, cheer our hearts out, and watch as they conquer one match at a time.

Conclusion: A Promising Future for Nepal Cricket

As Nepal gears up for a series of enthralling cricket encounters, the enthusiasm among fans continues to escalate. Nepal’s cricketing future appears bright with a talented squad led by Rohit Paudel. The upcoming tournaments not only provide a platform for players to exhibit their prowess but also serve as a testament to the growing stature of Nepali cricket on the global stage.


How many players are in Nepal’s T20I squad?

Nepal’s T20I squad comprises 18 members, led by captain Rohit Paudel.

Who is the captain of the Nepal cricket team?

Rohit Paudel is Nepal’s cricket team captain for the T20I format.

When does the T20I triangular series start?

The T20I triangular series involving Nepal, Namibia, and the Netherlands begins on February 27.

Where will Nepal play after the triangular series?

Nepal’s cricket team will travel to Hong Kong to participate in the Quadrangular T20I series following the triangular series.

Which teams will Nepal face in the upcoming T20 series in India?

Nepal is scheduled to play against teams from Baroda and Gujarat in the upcoming T20 series in India.

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